First Avenue Ministries


 Springfield Worship on Thursday evening, 7-9pm in the visitors’ center.

Format is roughly a period of sharing thanksgivings, followed by praise and worship led by Mona and Scott Frye.  We then spend the balance of our time together sharing scriptures and in prayer.  Inmates are encouraged to participate.

Springfield Pastoral counseling, Friday mornings by appointment.

Requests must be submitted through the Coordinator of Volunteer Activities.

Springfield Bible Study, 2-4pm in the chapel.  Variety of studies, but the focus is on equipping ye men to live as disciples of Jesus Christ while incarcerated

Windsor Worship on Saturday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm in the visitors’ center.  Format is roughly a period of praise and worship interspersed with testimonies followed by a prayer time.  We conclude with a mutual sharing of scriptures



John and Betty Nunnikhoven_BestRev. John and Betty Nunnikhoven have been active in prison ministry since August 2005, working both with inmates and ex-inmates. Their ministry is called “First Avenue Ministries ~ Washing Dirty Feet for the Lord”. They have provided transitional housing in their own home; work extensively mentoring released individuals and assisting in the transition to life on the outside.

John has been ordained by CAP, Inc, with both of them installed as ministers to the CAP congregations in SESCF (Windsor) and SSCF (Springfield). He is a Commissioned Centurion, an intensive program developed by PFM to teach Biblical Worldview; has published 3 books; is a member of the Fellowship of Ailbe, a fellowship dedicated to applying the factors of Celtic Christianity to today’s Church; and serves on several local boards in the southern Windsor County area.
They are former innkeepers in Weston, Vermont after extensive careers in industry and real estate in Illinois, New Mexico, Connecticut, New Jersey and Virginia, residing in Vermont since 1979. They have been married for 55 years, have three children, 3 in-law children and six grandchildren.

<< SEE BOOKS by John Nunnikhoven HERE>>


Mona and Scott FryeScott and Mona Frye have been serving the Lord through Praise and Worship together now for the past seven years; since they married. Other than High School music classes, both have had no formal training except for “on the job” through music ministry for 30 years. Scott and Mona are currently serving with Rev. John and Betty Nunnikhoven of First Avenue Ministries, every Wednesday night in SSCF chapel. Inscott and mona frye 2addition, they serve as worship leaders at the Spring-Fields Worship Center, under the leadership of Pastor Jesse Beebe (their drummer). Together their blended family consists of 5 adult children and their spouses, along with 9 grand children stretching from Burlington, VT to Manchester, NH.