“A Miraculous Rescue.” by Tommy LaPine

A Miraculous Rescue WHAT IS GOD DOING?

Exerpt from Tom Lapine‘s testimony – December 2014

The Church At Prison saved my life. I was in pain and constant turmoil over an accident in my life and now I am filled …


The Mattress by Shane Casey

Now a story like this may sound ridiculous to the average person who reads it, but for me the experience is one I will never forget. It was the purchase of my first new mattress. I will tell you some …


Jo’s real life miracle

… Let me tell you just one real life story/miracle from this week…

I spoke with a slender very beautiful woman in her mid to late 30’s this week who is only just beginning to experience and feel that perhaps …


TREASURES by Bill Yount

It was late and I was tired, wanting to go to sleep, but God wanted to talk;  It was about midnight, but it dawned on me that God does not sleep.

His question made me restless.  “Bill, where on earth …


Jo's Letter

November 3, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters ~

During prayer time this Saturday morning I heard Daddy, our Father God, saying that He wants this website to be a way to call His family of prison ministers and volunteers together …


Isaiah 40 Vision

Dec 1, 2012

 While Jo was praying for my sermon message for November 4th I received this: “The earth is QUAKING beneath our feet. God is calling us to get our eyes on Jesus. He is on the way!!!”

This …