Reverend Bob Lillis

rev Bob lillisReverend Bob Lillis was born on the east coast, but born again in CA. “Let’s do it for Jesus” is a familiar sound in his presence. Pastor Bob’s life hobby is transporting people from the kingdom of Hell to the Kingdom of God here on earth and in Heaven. When he accepted God’s calling as an Evangelist and his anointing in deliverance there was no stopping him. Bob works as a Building superintendant for the Municipal City of Newport and has been the Associate Pastor for The Church on The Hill at the Northern State Correctional Facility for men (NSCF) for about 11 years. Bob is on the Board for Pastor Bruce Fletcher/ACTS Ministries International, Inc. in New Britain, CT. He was a founding member of the VT Alliance for Prison and Aftercare. He currently attends Touch of Grace Church in E. Hardwick, VT with Pastor Matt Preston and is launching perhaps the first ever gathering of the evangelist’s conference in VT. The Harvest 2014 conference will take place May 16th and 17th with the purpose of seeking an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to align the body of Christ with God’s heart for an end time harvest. He is also on a crusade to evangelize in each prison at least each year. Pastor Bob is thankful that God is drawing him into the highways and rivers of His spirit to advance His purpose on earth