Safe Sanctuary Ministries

Safe Sanctuary Seminars
Keeping the Church Safe from/for Sexual Offenders
Training for Church and Ministry Leaders

Learn how to be proactive, realizing that there could be known and unknown, treated and untreated sexual offenders currently participating in church services and activities. Learn how to reach out to offenders in Christian love. Learn how to supervise and or be a support person for offenders. Learn how to deal with “situations” that commonly occur when dealing with offenders. Learn about the typologies, characteristics, offense patterns, and treatment for sexual offenders.

Note: Safe Sanctuary Seminars were birthed In 2004 as a result of many requests to provide assistance in ministry training and development for Churches, Ministries and individuals working with persons convicted for sexual crimes. We work with Treatment Providers and the Department of Corrections in this effort and have sponsored many training seminars and workshops around New England. Our first seminar was in Portland Maine and funded by a grant from The Cecil B. Day Foundation. We also do customized training, counsel & crisis intervention with churches, ministries & families experiencing problems and in need of help.

Safe Sanctuary Seminar

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