Steve Brown

steve BrownSteve Brown went to a very dry church in 1998 and the Pastor told him that God could not speak to anyone who was not baptized into that church and had to be a leader in order to

direct others in a righteous path. From that time through the year 1999 he began committing crimes all the while hearing in his head God telling him to seek out a Christian school. He was confused and thought it was just his own thoughts.
The beginning of the year 2000 was extremely rough and he was not hearing from God. His crime caught up with him. On the 7th of March his wife and children left him and then the second week of March, Steve met with Pastor Rick Menard who counseled him and brought him to an acceptance of Jesus as his Lord and Savior. On March 28th, 2000 Steve was arrested for the crimes he had been committing.

After about two months of bouncing around jails, he landed at NWSCF where there was a Christian School, Patmos Christian College (Academy). It did not dawn on him (though he thinks he told Pastor Pete about the thoughts he had been hearing in his head) that Patmos was the school God was calling him to. So God had been really speaking to him all along and in looking back “God rescued him not arrested him”. He was saved from himself. So he enrolled in the college and was there for about 18 months, then was transferred around to other facilities, but spent his last 9 months back at NorthWest. During the first 18 months, God told him while in the prison in St. Johnsbury, Ramon, Richard, Fred, Pete and Agnes, in order (2-3 years later) Steve, Richard, then Ramon, and Fred last. That is exactly what happened. Last nine months, incident in cafeteria. Developed strong relationships with, Pete & Agnes, Matt Parsons and his then wife, Sonya, Roger and Joyce, and Fred.

It was still very hard in prison, but while reading the bible and getting to know God He became His friend and thus he gave Steve the strength to bare the trials and tribulations inside jail. The first 6-8 months, he was hell-bent on killing himself, an urge that became stronger and stronger. Not until he confessed his crime did God start helping him and healing his mind. He became free on the inside and on the outside only with the help of the Lord. Dream about precious stones during the last nine months. At that time he wrestled with what he would do when he got out and where he would go. Roger and Joyce told him he could move in with them. He began to feel like all sex offenders have no place to go to easily, so the farm plan Pastor Fred Little had seemed like something he should pursue.

When released lived with Roger and Joyce for six months. He began to do clerical work and ministry with Pastor Pete with the CAP on the outside.
Last six months from now, he began to pray about places SO and other people could go to seek refuge and begin their lives over, work on the farm, in the fields or on the outside. He still has a vision to seek out people who can fund raise and help getting a release plan in place.